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Coaching Skills For Managers

Do you remember how you felt the last time you achieved the goal? More and more often you hear that “coaching” bring the objectives closer. Why? Come and see…





1.    Coaching – process and benefits

2.   The coaching and the business

3.   The role and the competencies of a coach

4.  Structure and stages of the coaching process

  • Contract with the client – coaching frame
  • Initial definition of the client’s goals  
  • Current and desired situation  
  • Goal evaluation
  • Action plan
  • Individual assignments  

5.   Main coaching tools and their application

  • Questions for each stage of the coaching process  
  • Graphic tools  
  • Auxiliary forms for the coach and the coachee  

6.  How to continue developing coaching skills



As a result of the training the managers:

·  Broaden the scope of their managerial approaches

·  Comprehend how to use coaching in business context  

·  Are able to employ the potential of their staff

·  Attain the desired result using coaching

·  Acquire key coaching tools and techniques  

Our approach is interactive and entirely oriented toward the practice, aiming at tangible training results.  We apply various training methods, exercises, case-studies, demonstrations, group work, discussions and others.


The course is designed for: managers at different levels, consultants and other change agents

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