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Assessment and training tools in the Tools&Messages Spot

Except for the questionnaires of OS Bulgaria, the Bulgarian test publisher, the Tools&Messages Spot is now upgraded with some products of our partners from Human Synergistics Bulgaria.

Available in the Spot are the following questionnaires:

  • NEO PI-R (OS Bulgaria)
  • Poppleton-Alan Sales Apptitude Test 2000 (OS Bulgaria)
  • Work Importance Study (OS Bulgaria)
  • Test of Motivational Orientation (OS Bulgaria)
  • Selector Pro (OS Bulgaria)
  • HCS Integrity Check (OS Bulgaria)
  • Life Style Inventory (Human Synergistics)
  • Management Effectiveness Profile (Human Synergistics)
  • Leadership Impact 360 (Human Synergistics)
  • Group Styles Inventory (Human Synergistics)
  • Organizational Culture Inventory (Human Synergistics)
  • Organizational Effectiveness Inventory (Human Synergistics)

And some of the simulations Human Synergistics publishes in Bulgaria:

  • Coach
  • Organizational Change Challenge
  • Constructiove Negotiations Challenge
  • Performance Management Challenge
  • Subarctic Survival Situation
  • Envisioning a Culture of Quality
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