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Аppearance on "Business Meeting" show, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria
Kapka Stoykova's appearance on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. Tanya Krusteva and she discussed the present and future of people and team development within organizations.
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SUCCESSFUL PROJECT : Historical meeting in Bulgaria between La Francophonie and the Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network
As part of a partnership with EUROPEN-PEN International, the Francophone Regional Center for Central and Eastern Europe CREFECO and Kapka Stoykova (Development Zone) actively participated in the 21st International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair, as well as in the 5th edition of the Global Enterprise Challenge in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
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Apres le Salon de Campus France 2017
Conclusions et conseils utiles pour ceux qui n'ont pas pu visiter l'evenement.
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Prix nationnal d'innovation 2015
Second place for 2015 National Innovation award for Professional career services
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Our New Year message for 2018
Our many accomplishments in 2017 wouldn’t have happened without the trustful alliances with :...
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Our last 2017 team meeting
Тalking about 2018 dreams and projects...
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Career guidance challenges for 2017
Ideas for career guidance challenges for 2017. New year's letter to youth, but not only. Article, published by French Institute in Sofia.
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Our new year test - 2015
EN/FR We have created a short and efficient test for the most valuable skill in life specifically for you./Specialement pour vous, nous avons cree un test court et efficace pour la competence la plus precieuse dans la vie.
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On successful people and failed attempts
Kapka's appearance on the talk-show Otblizo (Up close) on the BNT1 channel.
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The final conference of I-CREATE Project
At the event were introduced the main products, elaborated by the project team during the two-year implementation period: Creativity and Innovation Handbook; Creativity and Innovation Audit tool and the project’s website.
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Soiree festive pour les Ateliers de Realisation Professionnelle
Reunion de tous les groupes qui ont participes, au fil des annees, a des ateliers Realisation Professionnelle de l'assoctiation Sofia Accueil
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5 Years Development Zone!
Our partners have offered us the first 3 words which spring up in their mind when they think of our partnership or projects we have realized together.
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