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Organizational Consulting

  • Optimizes investments in the organization and the people 
  • Contributes to healthy and effective change management 
  • Provides stable foundation for future business growth

Internal communication

The way a message is conveyed determines its impact on people. Usually, the success of an idea or the necessary change depends on our approach to communication.

Development Zone is your partner when you need to work out concepts and implement internal communication events for various initiatives, projects and achievements.

Our support can be realized by developing an approach, by providing the most appropriate tools and by training for the key communicators. 

Employer Branding

The key factor for talents? attraction and retention is the employers? image among its current, previous and future employees.  
Development Zone is your partner for successful positioning on the Bulgarian labour market.


Organizational projects design and implementation, aiming at:

  • Career consulting for the discharged employees
  • Optimal employees? adaptation to the organizational change
  • Introduction/reinforcement of positive company image
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