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Individual Cosulting/ Coaching

1.1.Identifying areas of personal potential

Potential identification is a key element in any process of individual development. Therefore, in the beginning the attention is focused on the individual?s talents, which are the basis for further growth.  Particularly, this is achieved by interview, personality questionnaires, simulations etc.

1.2. Coaching for defining and achieving specific individual goals:

Acquiring and reinforcing particular individual skills, for example: managerial competencies, interaction skills in personal and business context, presentation skills

  • Career / Life transition planning and implementation
  • Entrepreneurial projects
  • Preparing and conducting successful presentations and training sessions: design and rehearsal

1.3. Constructive support for your professional success in Bulgaria: for foreign citizents living in Bulgaria or Bulgarians coming back from living abroad.  The results include:

  • Adequate orientation to the Bulgarian labor market
  • Defined or redefined professional goals
  • Overcoming the cultural differences and adaptation to the new business context
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