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Mission, Vision and Values


Development Zone Ltd. exists in order to create conditions and to share tools for powerful communication and effective learning and development. We strive to share and expand the existing knowledge, as well as new experiences and ideas.

We focus on the potential of each organization, team or individual. Together with you we find valuable and specific ways in which to capitalize it.

Our aim is to accompany you in finding the tools, behaviors and models most appropriate for you. Together we reach the answers "how" to unlock and harness the energy in attaining the desired results. We achieve it by providing individual, team and organisational consulting .


Development Zone fosters a global community overcoming the limitations in  business by creating and applying new management tools and approaches.



The methods and ideas we share are targeted at achieving tangible results. We rely on the value already existing and then we look for the actions that advance you and/or your organization to the desired direction.

Ecology of Relationships

We take into account the whole system of factors and personalities affecting the end result. In our relationships with you - our associates, partners and customers -  we care to provide the opportunity for a conscious choice and personal autonomy.

Step by step

We believe that every individual, team or organization have their own rhythm of progress. Therefore, we take into account your uniqueness and we create conditions for ecological and beneficial development.

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